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DJ Equipment Reviews

Below is a full and complete list of all the reviews that we've completed over the years. It's a hefty list so if you want to make life easier, check the icons at the top of this page - they break the reviews down into product groups.

Headphone Group Test 2010
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

It's not all about bells, whistle and USB ports - sometimes, it's the stuff wrapped arund y our head that counts. The leaders of the can pack were rounded up and tested.
Headphone Group Test
Review by Professor BX - September 2004

A much neglected area for scratch DJ's. ProfessorBX speaks nicely to the various big boys and gets all sorts of cans sent to him for review.
Digital Showdown
Review by Nick Nack - December 2004

Nick Nack and his Crowd Control buddies pit their very own hardware head to head and provide the results for your viewing pleasure.
69ep H Bag
Review by Gizmo - June 2008

Bags are the new flightcases, if only because DJ gear has got smaller and thus lighter. But it still has to keep you gear safe. 69ep jump on the SSL gravy train and bring out the H bag.
Review by Gizmo - February 2011

When the TMA-1 Headphones first hit the news, Sennheiser must have wondered if their HD25s would be knocked from the number 1 position for DJs. Gizmo finds out.
Review by Deft - March 2007

It's all about being on the go right now. But how do you drag an MPC out with you and make beats? AKAI bring you the pocket sized MPC-500 so you can
Akai APC-40
Review by Andrew Unsworth - March 2010

And so it begins... the slow and steady infliction of Ableton Live into the DJ world. So why not have a controller that tames it perfectly from the people who already make pad bashing boxes?
Akai MPD24
Review by Deft - April 2007

The MPD24 is a MIDI box, giving MPC style control to your software. Deft beats the pads and sees how it measures up.
AKG K 181
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

AKG are microphone and microphone pros. So you should expect that a set of DJ headphones are likely to measure up well against the competition. The K 181s certainly do.
Alcatech DigiScratch v2
Review by Deft - July 2005

Another new contender for the digital throne is Alcatech's Digiscratch. Now at v2, Deft continues his adventures in the digital realm.
algoriddim djay
Review by Gizmo - September 2009

While the DJ spews out Traktorlikes, algoriddim embraces the graphical richness of OS X and makes a very different type of DJ app. And it's very good.
Allen & Heath Xone:xd53
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

Manufacturers can't always make their own gear, but anything with an A&H logo is likely to be really quiate, even if it made on their behalf. The xone:53s rock.
Allen & Heath Xone:02
Review by Gizmo - August 2005

The Xone:02 is a bit of an elder statesman in the skratch scene but it's Allen & Heath pedigree shows though it's age. Gizmo puts one on the longest test ever and reports back.
Allen & Heath Xone:DX
Review by Gizmo - June 2010

Allen & Heath are best known for mixers, but then branches out successfully into MIDI controllers. The Xone:DX however is a partnership with Serato to bring 4 decks to a compact box.
American Audio HP700
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

You don't always have to spend a fortune to get solid performance, and the American Audio HP700 headphones certainly prove that. Unashamedly budget, but they work well.
American Audio HDT45
Review by Professor BX - October 2004

Being an OEM turntable, this deck appears under many guises. ProfessorBX checks out American Audio's version.
Audio Innovate AEM-100i
Review by Deft - November 2006

The original AEM-100 took a slightly different approach to mixers. The revamped AEM-100i aims to please the mainstream. Deft sees if it does that successfully
Audio Innovate AEM-100
Review by Deft/Soba - March 2006

Coming from a former Numark engineer, this first product from Audio Innovate is a bit left field with it's analog effects. Deft and Soba try out this Pro X Fade equipped mixer.
Audio Innovate Innofader
Review by Various - March 2009

Faders are the new controllers, with new ones increasingly popping up. Mr Brown, Professor BX and Gizmo cut, scratched and mixed
Audio Technica ATH-Pro700
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

Audio Technica make headphones, and are damned good at it - so much so that they make them for other people too. The ATH-Pro700s are their own model for the DJ market.
Behringer BCD-2000
Review by Deft - December 2006

It's all about MIDI controllers right now. Behringer have had one out for a while though. Is the plastic marvel up to the challenge? Deft tries it out.
Beyerdynamic DT 1350
Review by Gizmo - April 2011

Just when you though everything that could be done with DJ headphones had been done, Beyerdynamic come at us with a pair that are about as top end it gets. And they're very VERY good.
Cockos Reaper
Review by Flexinoodle - June 2009

DJs often wear multiple hats - some are musicians, some producers and some are all these things. Reaper is a budget priced piece of production software. Flexinoodle learns it inside out and reports hi
Crane Stand
Review by Gizmo - October 2010

Not all laptop stands are created equally. Some are minimalist, while others are engineering masterclasses where metal abounds. The Crane Stand is the former and a firm DJ favourite.
Custom Records Scratch Wax
Review by Professor BX - December 2003

Need some custom vinyl cutting? ProfessorBX discovers a maker of custom vinyl quite literally on his doorstep. Read on for his adventures in self-made battle wax. Slipmats
Review by Gizmo - August 2007

Slipmats come in one shape and size, but increasingly in lots of designs. offer a pair of custom mats of your own design for a tenner. Too good to be true? Hell no says Gizmo
D-Styles Tablecloth
Review by Gizmo - June 2006

D-Styles takes a step closer having his name on everything he uses with the new Tablecloth slipmat. Coming in 2 parts - a mat and a slip sheet, Gizmo takes them for a spin... err slip.
Denon DN-X1500
Review by Deft - May 2004

To compliment their superb CD players, a 4 channel mixer was required to make them all they can be. Deft casts his eye over is discovers what's hot and what's not
Denon DN-S5000
Review by Deft - February 2004

Owning a Denon DN-S5000, Deft felt it only right to give you his opinion of the Pioneer CDJ1000's nearest competition.
Denon DN-X300
Review by Gizmo - April 2005

A Rane in Denon's clothing - this keenly priced mixer has the 56 in it's sights. Clean head shot or a bit of a scuff?
Denon DN-S1000
Review by Deft - November 2005

There seemed to be a gap in our Denon reviews - a small gap mind but it needed filling. So Deft took a look at the not-too-scratchy DN-S1000 and was pleasantly surprised.
Denon DN-HP1000
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

Denon have taken the east route to quality headphones and got Audio Technica to make theirs, which it turns out are identical to the ATH-Pro700s. A good start.
Denon DN-S3000
Review by Gizmo - December 2003

For some, the Denon DN-S5000 has just too much going on. Gizmo plays with the slimmed down Denon and likes what he finds.
Denon DN-S1200
Review by Gizmo - February 2009

Denon's original black brick was good, but the new DN-S1200 is full of new age goodness. Gizmo gets his magnifying glass out, if only to find the damned thing!
Denon DN-S3000
Review by Deft - December 2003

Being a Denon DN-S5000 owner, Deft is ideally placed to take a look at it's younger sibling. Does the 3000 measure up to it's bigger brother?
Denon DN-X100
Review by Gizmo - April 2005

An itsy bitsy teeny weeny mixer with features busting out of it's diminutive case. But in this case, is less more - or just not enough?
DJ Tech uSolo
Review by Gizmo - October 2009

Media is dead - digital is king. And DJ Tech are embracing the USB only approach with zest. Enter the uSolo - a tiny box of digital tricks. Gizmo gropes it and writes his views.
DJDecks v0.69
Review by Deft - August 2005

There a large number of relatively expensive software otions around these days, so it's refreshing to find one that's affordable to everyone. Deft carries on his digital roundup.
Eclectic Breaks Pro X Fade
Review by Gizmo - September 2005

The fader is arguably the most important parts of the DJ setup so when an small independent company makes seemlingly the dream crossfader, we just had to take a look. Gizmo gushes accordingly.
Ecler HAK 310
Review by Gizmo - November 2005

Ecler know mixers - specifically they know the DJ market inside out. The 310 is a bit of an elder statesman these days but it's still good. Gizmo casts his equally old eye over this entry level mixer.
Ecler NUO4.0
Review by Gizmo - January 2009

Last but not least in the NUOX.0 series is the NUO4.0 - no gadgets but just a solid 4 channel mixer. Gizmo checks it out.
Ecler NUO3.0
Review by Gizmo - January 2009

Sitting right in the middle of the NUOX.0 range is the NUO3.0. More than 2, but not quite 4 - the NUO3.0 still works really well.
Ecler HAK380
Review by Gizmo - October 2006

The Ecler HAK360 has a loyal following so they were ultra pleased when the 380 was announced. Gizmo checks it out to see if the fans should be excited.
Ecler NUO2.0
Review by Gizmo - August 2008

The Ecler NUO2.0 is an all purpose mixer, but does all styles really well. Gizmo checks it out and finds himself wanting one.
Ecler NUO5
Review by Deft - November 2004

Ecler are undergoing a rebirth, starting with a new range of mixers called NUO. Deft gets busy with 4 channel midi madness and tells all.
EKS Otus
Review by Gizmo - May 2009

There's nothing quite like EKS's OTUS. Space age looks and a split personality 2 deck in one operation. Gizmo tries to get his head round working with just one deck.
Gemini iKey
Review by skratchworx - january 2006

Gemini's iKey aims to make your recording experience a whole lot easier. Sitting between your mixer and any old USB storage device, the team try it out and see if it really is that easy.
Gemini CDT-05
Review by Gizmo - May 2006

CD and vinyl in one deck? Oh yes. Gemini's comeback carries on with this hybrid technology and Gizmo has serious fun at the same time.
Gemini TT-04
Review by Gizmo - April 2007

Everybody wants Technics, but can't always afford them. So why not have all the features but for half the price...
Glanzmann 4MidiLoop
Review by Gizmo - November 2010

Is it a mixer or a controller? Well both to be honest. 4MidiLoop is a full MIDI controller in the guise of a regular 4 channel mixer, complete with 4 x Pro X Fades too. Nice.
Hard To Find Records
Review by Gizmo - August 2007

What's this? A retailer getting reviewed? Well we tell you what's hot and what's not but not the retailers. Gizmo spends a day lurking and reports.
Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2
Review by Gizmo - December 2009

DJ setups are usually les than space efficient. But then Hercules decided to squish as much as possible into the smallest space. Is the e2 the epitome of optiisation, or just too damned small?
HFTR Short Circuit Slipmats
Review by Gizmo - June 2005

Gizmo found a pair of these new mats from HTFR in the skratchworx PO box and figured it would be rude to not review them.
Image Line Deckadance v1.5
Review by Professor BX - April 2009

Deckadance has taken time to mature, but v1.5 seems to offer everything a DJ needs, including the choice of interface and timecode. Professor BX checks it out.
ION Discover DJ
Review by Gizmo - December 2009

Beginners have to start somewhere, and experienced DJs need an emergency backup. The ION Discover DJ provides both and is a heap of fun for everyone else too.
Korg mini KP
Review by Deft - October 2007

Fitting in the palm of your hand, the Korg mini KP offers effects for just about everyone. Deft punishes the £99 wonder box.
Korg KM-402
Review by Gizmo - April 2008

When 2 becomes 4 - channels that is. Korg decided to give you twice the goodness with the 4 channel KM-402 KOAS enabled mixer.
Korg KM-202
Review by Gizmo - April 2008

Korg seem hellbent on putting a KAOS pad into everything. This time it's a 2 channel mixer with a snowy paint job.
Korg Zero8
Review by Deft - May 2008

Is it a mixer of production desk? Well it's a bit (well actually a lot) of both. Deft makes a serious amount of room and ventures into a review of the knobtastic Zero8
Korg Korg Nano Midi Controllers
Review by Flexinoodle - July 2009

Midi controllers come in all shapes and sizes, but the Korg nanos adopt the less is more ideology. Flexinoodle punishes all 3 with his huge amount of MIDI knowledge.
Korg kaossilator
Review by Gizmo - July 2008

How much more can Korg squeeze from their KAOSS pad format? Quite a lot apparently as the KOASSILATOR demonstrates. Gizmo hopes Korg don't want it back...
Review by Deft - October 2007

Touchy feely is Korg's thing and having had 2 incarnations of the KAOSS pad out before, the KP3 comes from a solid heritage. Deft checks out if it carries on the good name.
Korg Zero4
Review by Gizmo - May 2008

Oh how our hearts were aflutter when we first saw the Zero4 press release. Every bell and whistle has been shoehorned into the Korg Zero4 and Gizmo throws everything at it to test.
KRK Rokit RP5
Review by Gizmo - December 2007

KRK make truly great monitors and their distinctive yellow speaker makes them stand out considerably. So HTFR decided to go one step further and paint them Red.
Litlab Uberstand
Review by Gizmo - December 2006

Laptops are an integral part of many DJ's setups these days, but they take up valuable space. Litlab's Uberstand is the premium laptop stand for DJs. Gizmo tries and fails to break it.
Livid Ohm64
Review by Chris Cartledge - July 2010

Raw MIDI controllers are rare round these parts. But the Livid Ohm64 was offered so we covered it. Aside from its obvious aesthetic quality, the Ohm64 works perfectly.
Mackie d.2 Pro
Review by Gizmo - April 2008

Sometimes, gear gets a remix and that's just what happened with the Mackie d.2. The Pro model came out and Gizmo bent it into submission.
Mackie d.4 Pro
Review by Deft - April 2008

After the original d.2 wa released, plans were hatched to unleash a 4 channel Firewire enabled monster. Thus the d.2 Pro was born...
Magma Headshell Case
Review by Gizmo - July 2006

Despite taking a regular beating, headshells and carts are quite fragile so transporting them safely is vital. Magma's headshell case does just that (it's been to LA and back without a dent).
Magma Battle Bag
Review by Gizmo - April 2005

We all need something to carry our DJ life around in and there isn't much better than this.
Magma Controller Bag
Review by Gizmo - January 2010

Gone are the days of needing flight cases, and in is trendy luggage for your controller of choice. Magma's approach is more function than fashion and cradles your gear with typical German efficiency.
MixVibes DVS v6
Review by Deft - August 2005

MixVibes has been around for a while now, but in a pretty rough state. Now hitting v6, it's clearly a capable piece of software. Deft installed it and drops his opinion.
Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro
Review by Deft - April 2009

NI's Traktor range recently got a big brother and tagged a "Pro" at the end. Now you get full 4 deck scratching and a heap of effects as well. Deft tries all the new stuff out and writes some words.
Native Instruments Maschine
Review by Chris Cartledge - June 2009

NI have their finger dipped in all corners of the music making pie, but definitely do it their own way. Maschine is like an MPC but with the brain on the outside. Chris Cartledge uses his MPC skills t
Native Instruments Traktor Scratch
Review by Gizmo - August 2007

Native Instruments bounce back from the split with Stanton and bring forth Traktor Scratch - the complete NI DVS package. Gizmo gets indepth and reports from a beginning to end point of view
Native Instruments Maschine v1.5
Review by Chris Cartledge - August 2010

NI's MAschine is becoming a firm favourite with DJs and producers. And v1.5 of the software brings some much needed polish to the introductory first release.
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1
Review by Chris Cartledge - November 2010

Native Instruments have expanded the Traktor range into hardware, and the Kontrol X1 is the perfect companion for not only Traktor, but all other DVS software out there too.
Novation Dicer
Review by Gizmo - March 2011

Novation make all manner of MIDI related hardware, but the Dicers are the first DJ specific product in their range. Already a firm favourite with many DJs, Gizmo finds out why.
Numark iDJ2
Review by Gizmo - February 2008

You don't need to look like Arnie to take your gear to a gig anymore. The iDJ2 successfully shrinks your whole deck and mixer setup into a laptop bag and gets rid of physical media at the same time.
Numark NDX800
Review by Gizmo - March 2011

Is it a CD deck? Is it a media player? A MIDI controller? Well the NDX800 is all of these things, and does them all really well. Gizmo checks out the "biscuit tin".
Numark NS7
Review by Gizmo - April 2009

Arguably the most anticipated product in recent years, the NS7 has Serato's ITCH pounding away in its chest. Gizmo checks it out and falls head over heels in love in a way he didn't expect.
Numark HDX
Review by Gizmo - June 2006

The new age successor to Numark's CDX is as shiny as a new silver penny. But does having an 80Gb HD inside make it match up to the price tag? Gizmo uses his CDX experience to find out.
Numark PPD01
Review by Professor BX - December 2003

Looks like a mixer from heaven and is the first digital mixer for scratch DJ's. ProfessorBX cuts through the gloss and gets to the truth.
Numark iCDX
Review by Gizmo - January 2007

Digital is here to stay, but what about that massive stack of CDs you still have kicking around? Numark's iCDX bridges the gap between old and new - or at least so Gizmo thinks.
Numark DXMPro
Review by Gizmo - August 2005

Numark came out with the first 100% digital mixer in the shape of the PPD01. Now they've released another - the DXMPro. Gizmo has a look at what's new and if it's hopefully better.
Numark MixMeister Control
Review by Yorick - September 2009

The vast majority of MIDI controllers are generic. Not so with the MixMeister Control, which is aimed at making MIxMeister a lot easier to use. Yorick uses his MixMeister experience to test the hardwa
Numark D2 Director
Review by Gizmo - June 2007

The digital age is here and now you can spin without media. Numark's D² Director gives you all you need to start spinning your digital music.
Numark TTX USB
Review by Gizmo - July 2007

Well this is no Technics - that's for sure. It's a whole lot more and Gizmo finnaly gets round to giving you a history of the TTX and pulls apart the new TTX USB.
Numark DJIO
Review by Gizmo - August 2007

So you have your laptop and your sound system... what can link them? Numark's DJIO bridges the gap very neatly as a simple I/O card for the digital DJ.
Numark Total Control
Review by Gizmo - August 2007

MIDI is all the rage and Numark are grabbing themselves a slice of this market with the small but perfectly formed Total Control. Gizmo plugs it into hid USB port and plays.
Numark X2
Review by DJ Pegasus - January 2009

Sometime, manufacturers make things that seem like a great idea, but nobody buys it. The Numark X2 falls into this category - great hybrid deck, but not really having a massive market. DJ Pegasus boug
Numark MixMeister Fusion
Review by Yorick - July 2009

Back in the olden days, making mixtapes was all about hitting "record" and hoping that you wouldn't mess up too much in 60 minutes. Now, software like MixMeister Fusion lets you do it without touching
Numark CDX
Review by Gizmo - July 2004

Numark flipped the script when they announced the CDX with real vinyl and a moving platter. Gizmo gets all doey-eyed and gushes about how great it really is.
Ortofon MF6 and MF7
Review by Yorick - April 2009

The MF6 and MF7 attempts to do the unthinkable - go nose to nose with the don of the cart scene - the Shure 447. Yorick thinks it does a great job.
Ortofon Arkiv
Review by Yorick - April 2009

There's something ironic about a product that as good as eliminates itself in the process of doing its job. The Ortofon Arkiv is designed to digitise vinyl. It's like hardware suicide when you think a
Ortofon Evolution
Review by Yorick - April 2009

When worlds collide - art hits function in the shape of the Ortofon Evolution headshell. But is it a case of style over substance?
Ortofon O2
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

Carving a name for themselves in carts and needles, Ortofon figured thay should have something else to compliment their world class product. The O2 is such a compliment.
Ortofon Serato S-120
Review by Gizmo - July 2010

Sticking the Serato logo on anything is likely to get the fansboys giddy. But the S-120 is quite a bit more than a branding exercise. Gizmo gets into the nitty gritty of cart tech.
Ortofon Omega
Review by Yorick - April 2009

Ortofon are more known for occupying the top end of the price bracket for carts, but the Omega sits happily at the foot of the ladder and is a jack of all trades.
Ortofon SH4
Review by Yorick - April 2009

Headshells are overlooked, and people often stick with the ir stock deck ones. But others do exist, and a solid alternative is Ortofon headshell of many colours.
Pedestrian Tutoritool?
Review by Lo - June 2005

We all have to start somewhere and a helping hand is always welcome. Laurent from Spin Science checks out the Tutoritool™ from Pedestrian to see if will indeed be that helping hand
Pedestrian Tutoritool Second Edition
Review by Gizmo - May 2008

Having established itself as a force to be reckoned with, the vinyl based Tutoritool gets a sequel and gets even better.
Pioneer CDJ-400
Review by Gizmo - November 2007

Pioneer pretty much own the high end CD deck market, but the lower end is a mixed bag. The new CDJ-400 offers the features of the existing CDJ range in a budget box.
Pioneer HDJ-2000
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

You can always trust Pioneer to aim high, and the HDJ-2000 headphones sets a new bar for others to reach. And an all new price level too. Are they worth it? You bet.
Pioneer MEP-7000
Review by Andrew Unsworth - October 2009

Pioneer aren't all about CDJs - they make gear for other types of DJs too. Andrew Unsworth casts his Pioneer experienced eye over the dual headed rack mounting MEP-7000.
Pioneer DJM-707
Review by Gizmo - June 2005

The baby Pioneer DJM-707 came out in the shadow of it's bigger sibling the übermixer 909. But does it deserve to remain in the shadows? Does lesser spec mean lesser mixer? Gizmo finds out.
Pioneer CDJ-900
Review by Andrew Unsworth - March 2010

The new species of Pioneer CDJ aims to build upon the rock solid foundation, and importantly bring things right up to date with MIDI, lining and the new rekordbox software.
Pioneer DDJ-T1
Review by Andrew Unsworth - March 2011

Pioneer changed the DJ game with the CDJs, but have been a bit slow at getting on the controller gravy train. The DDJ-T1 is their Traktor specific controller. Andrew Unsworth writes an epic tome.
Pioneer CDJ-850
Review by Andrew Unsworth - July 2010

Pioneer continue with the steady update of their existing CDJ range - this time the CDJ-850 pops up with the best of the new species but with a more affordable price tag.
Pioneer DJM-909
Review by Gizmo - September 2004

Space age battle mixer from the daddys of CD scratching. Built-in FX and a fader to die for. Gizmo sells his soul to see if it really is as good as it looks.
Promats Slipmats
Review by Gizmo - December 2006

Hailing from Europe, Promats aim to give you performance at a bargain price. it's a matter of no frills but good skills. Gizmo checks them out.
Rane Serato Scratch Live v1.4
Review by Deft - July 2005

When Rane picked up the digital ball in the shape of Serato Scratch Live, they almost immediately took the crown from Final Scratch. Deft checks out the goods.
Rane Serato Scratch Live v1.9
Review by DJ Bozak - June 2009

Serato drags itself snails pace like with mainly minor but often (like this) major leaps toward v2. DJ Bozak take a look at what's new.
Rane TTM-56
Review by Gizmo - October 2006

The mighty Rane 56 is possibly one product that doesn't need a review, being the acknowledged leader in the scratch game. That said, Gizmo talks about the mixer he actually bought...
Rane Serato Scratch Live v1.6.2
Review by Idlemind - October 2006

Having already covered Serato Scratch v1.4, it hardly seemed worth doing a full review for an update. So Idlemind tells us what's new.
Rane TTM-57SL
Review by Deft - September 2006

Rane and Serato graft the box into the heart of a 56 and out comes the TTM-57SL - a 100% digital mixer that has the best of the 56 plus an extended feature set for SSL.
Road Ready RRFSSS Smart Stand
Review by Gizmo - November 2009

Sometimes, a regular lightweight laptop stand isn't enough. And that's where the tank-like Road Ready Smart Stand comes in. Gizmo loads it up ad is impressed with its resilience.
Rodec Scratchbox
Review by Deft - July 2006

It took a bloody long time to arrive but the Rodec Scratchbox is now alive and kicking. Deft checks out if beauty is more than skin deep and if the price tag matches the features.
Sennheiser HD25_1 II
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

And here they are - the absolute daddy can for DJs. But what makes these cheap looking all plastic headphones so special? Gizmo puts them on, and wants to leave them there.
Sennheiser HD 380 Pro
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

Not strictly for DJs, but if they get sent they get reviewed. The HD 380 Pros are more for production, but do they bear up well to the battering of DJing?
Shure White Label
Review by Professor BX - December 2004

Image-wise in a league of it's own, ProfessorBX tests out these beautiful carts and sees if they stand up to the rigours of turntablism.
Shure SRH750DJ
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

It's been a while since Shure did anything new for DJs, so it was nice to get these in the post. The SRH750DJs don't stray far from the DJ headphone blueprint so should win fans.
Shure 44-7 vs 44-G
Review by Professor BX - June 2004

Ever wanted to know the difference? Well ProfessorBX tried both at length and shares his findings.
Slikmats V1
Review by Gizmo - November 2003

If you want your own customs graphics on a pair of high quality mats, look no further. Gizmo indulges himself in self promotion and tests them out.
Sony MDRV-700DJ
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

A veteran of the DJ headphone market, the Sony MDR-V700 cans have a huge following and still sell well, thus they got included in the group test. But how do they compare in the market?
Stanton SA12x
Review by Wozza - June 2005

On paper, Stanton's SA12 Craze signature mixer should be way more popular than it has been. Guest reviewer Wozza investigates the SA12x model and publishes his thoughts
Stanton m.207
Review by Gizmo - October 2010

Stanton's pedigree for producing cost effective mixers is well established. So when they decided to add effects and touch tech to a 2 channel mixer, the m.207 was bound to be good.
Stanton Diablo Carts
Review by Gizmo - September 2007

Stanton bring the heat to HTFR with the exclusive Diablo cart. Offering solid all round performance for not much money, Gizmo plugs one in and puts on his shades.
Stanton SA-5
Review by Deft - January 2005

Does having P&G's throughout and no knobs whatsoever make the SA-5 a turntablists dream? Rather than take the established blagging route, Deft bought one with his own cash and now shares his views.
Stanton SCS.3 System
Review by Professor BX - January 2010

Stanton continue to dare to be different. These MIDI controllers are all about touch - no actual controls, stick together like magnetic lego and take minimal space in your DJ life.
Stanton Cartridge Review
Review by Professor BX - January 2008

Stanton have a solid heritage in the DJ scene, none more dominant that the 500AL cart. But they do have a large range besides that. Professor BX puts them on his deck and tells it like it is.
Stanton DJ Pro 3000
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

Sitting at the top of the Stanton product ladder are the DJ Pro 3000s - cans that despite their relative low price are a firm favourite with many pro DJs.
Stanton STR8-150
Review by Wozza - January 2005

Stanton's flagship turntable is often overlooked. Guest reviewer Wozza however give his own a thorough test and likes what he finds.
Stanton DJ Pro 2000
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

e 2000's are dubbed the Tiesto cans, as the rather famous Trance DJ endorsed them and did a fair amount of lobbing them into crowds too by all accounts. But did they survive the punishment?
Stanton ATM.6
Review by Gizmo - October 2007

Having spent thousands on gear and music, it pays to get quality audio output. Gizmo check out the Stanton ATM.6s to see if the quality matches the low price.
Stanton c.324
Review by Gizmo - July 2008

Stanton are no strangers to CD decks, and the c.324 builds on the foundations or former models, fixes the mistakes and sits atop the Stanton product line. Gizmo plays, writes and posts.
Technics 1210 mk5
Review by Professor BX - December 2003

Following on from the legendary 1200mk2 and 3, Technics take the established leader and tweak it. ProfessorBX gives it the once over.
Technics RP-DH1200
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

Nobody ever got sacked for buying (insert brand here, in this case Technics). Distinctive and worthy of your attention, but are they are earth shatteringly good as the decks?
Technics SL-DZ1200
Review by Professor BX - November 2005

We all thought the world would never be the same again when Technics announced its entry into the CD scratching arena. But it was. Professor BX tells us why.
Thud Rumble Frosted Plates
Review by Gizmo - May 2007

Building on the success of Butter Rugs, Thud bring out a DIY version and add Flying Carpets into the mix. Gizmo breaks out the marker pen and sees what the fuss is about.
Thud Rumble Butter Rugs
Review by Gizmo - January 2004

They're slipmats but not as we know it. Most are some sort of thick felt but these are super thin. Do they work? Gizmo tests his pressie from Santa and spills the beans.
Tonium Pacemaker
Review by Andrew Unsworth - January 2010

DJing has always been about a large 2 deck setup - until Tonium decided to make it fit into your pocket. Do they succeed? Andrew Unsworth finds out.
Ultrasone DJ1 Pro
Review by Gizmo - May 2010

Ultrasone make all manner of headphones, but these unusually style set are aimed right at DJs. Luxuriant and well featured, the DJ1 Pros hit every target.
Urei 1601S
Review by Gizmo - November

Urei are well known for their club mixers so a scratch mixer comes as a bit of a surprise. Gizmo checks out this sampling battler and likes it.
Urei 1601E
Review by Gizmo - June 2006

Another scratch mixer from Urei? First plain, then sampler and now effects. But is 3 a crowd? Gizmo tells it like it is.
V-Moda Crossfades
Review by Gizmo - February 2011

V-Moda decided that lifestyle shouldn't mean compromise. The Crossfades offers style and features in one coherent good looking package.
Valeway OOVJ
Review by Andrew Unsworth - March 2011

Off the shelf laptops are all well and good, but they're not specifically tunmed for DJ use. But the OOVJ is designed from the ground up for DJs. Andrew Unsworth gets all James Bond and checks it out.
Vestax CDX-05
Review by Gizmo - November 2004

Vestax's first venture into the CD scratch arena is made even better by using the Tascam scratch interface. Gizmo puts both to the test.
Vestax PDX3000
Review by Gizmo - August 2007

Vestax have always lived in the shadow of Technics. Trying to knock the 1210 off the throne has proved hard, but now the new PDX3000 comes along with vari-toque and a S-arm as well.
Vestax PDX2300 mkII Pro
Review by Gizmo - September 2004

Did the best just get better? Take a 2000 MKII, add some bells and whistles and you have possibly the best deck on the planet. Gizmo finds out...
Vestax PMC-06 Pro VCA
Review by Gizmo - January 2008

The iconic and svelt has been around for eons, but Vestax just gave it a spring clean. So Gizmo took the opportunity to fill the narrow gap in the review list.
Vestax PMC-280
Review by Liam Parry - May 2007

A Vestax 4 channel mixer and effects within the grasp of a smaller wallet? Sure some mistake... apparently not. Liam Parry tears the Vestax PMC-280 apart.
Vestax PMC-05ProIIIDX
Review by Johnny 1 Move - March 2009

Ever tried swapping from DVS to DVS in the club? Nightmare. Vestax's PMC-05ProIIIDX aims to make it very easy indeed. Johnny 1 move tried it for himself.
Vestax PMC-580 Pro
Review by Deft - April 2008

Just when you though Vestax couldn't squeeze more controls on a mixer, out comes the 580 Pro. Deft tries to make sense of the controls and write a coherent review.
Vestax Handytrax
Review by Gizmo - July 2006

Music on the go was cracked by Sony with their Walkman. Vestax however want you to scratch and go. Gizmo takes it for a spin
Vestax CF-CC
Review by Markski - February 2006

Faders are the beating heart of any mixer but some are better than others. Vestax have made a new replacement heart for their range of mixers. Markski from Pedestrian tries one out.
Vestax PDX2000 mkII
Review by Gizmo - July 2004

The pretender to the Technics crown gets a facelift, fixing some old issues along the way. Gizmo test drives the new model to see if it is a 1210 beater.
Vestax PMC-007
Review by Deft - June 2004

The industry standard PMC 07 Pro gets a facelift, a new name a wealth of new features. But is good to mess with a classic? Deft and Gizmo don't think so...
Vestax VFX-1
Review by Gizmo - February 2010

Technically a dongle that enables effects in ITCH, and now a proper effects controller for SSL too, the Vestax VFX-1 is a solid lump of controller goodness.
Vestax VCI-100
Review by Gizmo - March 2007

Not a review as such, Gizmo lays his hands on a pre-production model of the hottest MIDI controller and loves what he finds.
Vestax PMC-05 Pro III
Review by Gizmo - July 2004

The 05 Pro has been THE entry level mixer and indeed the favourite of many top DJ's. A spring clean and a send/recieve loop now adorn the 05 Pro II. Gizmo sees if it really is better than the old one.
Vestax QFO
Review by Antwan - April 2005

The best reviewer of a product is an owner and that's exactly what guest reviewer Antwan did.
Vestax QFO-LE
Review by Markski - March 2007

When the QFO hit the scene, it was greated with extremes of affection and hate, but above all the price seemed to hurt. Vestax strip out the chaff and bring you the QFO-LE
Vestax VCI-300
Review by Gizmo - July 2009

Vestax have firmly put themselves back on the DJ map. But when they teamed up with Serato to make the ITCH based VCI-300. Gizmo chucks it around the skratchlab and relays his experiences.
Vestax PMC-08 Pro
Review by Gizmo - January 2006

The PMC is a hard act to follow. Can Vestax update the classic and embrace the digital age? Gizmo puts it to the test and finds out.
ZIP-LINQ Road Warrior Deluxe Kit
Review by Gizmo - August 2006

Need to be on the go and be able to plug in to anything? Ziplinq's Road Warrior Deluxe kits is the Swiss Army Knife of the USB world.

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